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Dakko’s Roadmap

Phase 1: Conceptualization and Planning (Feb ‘22 - Apr ‘22)
  • During this phase, we conceptualized Dakko and outlined its primary functions. The initial team was assembled.
Phase 2: Development of the 'Critical Mass' Algorithm (May ‘22 - Jul ‘23)
  • The proprietary 'Critical Mass' algorithm, which forms the core of Dakko's operations, was developed during this phase.
Phase 3: Testing and Refinement of Algorithm (Aug ‘23)
  • The 'Critical Mass' algorithm is being tested ensuring its functionality and reliability. We are currently making necessary refinements and adjustments to the algorithm based on the test results.
Phase 4: Development of User Interface (May ‘23 - Aug ‘23)
  • We have created a user-friendly dashboard that would make the functionalities of Dakko accessible to all types of traders.
Phase 6: Final Preparations for Launch (Sep ‘23)
  • In the final weeks leading up to the launch, the focus will be on marketing and promotional activities.
Phase 7: Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Launch (Sep / Oct, ‘23)
  • The 'Critical Mass' algorithm, and core functionalities of Dakko’s dashboard will be launched on Sep / Oct ‘23.
Phase 8: Feedback Collection and Refinement (Oct ‘23 - Nov ‘23)
  • After the MVP launch, we will actively collect feedback to understand our users’ experience and refine the dashboard.
Phase 9: Additional Feature Development (October 2023 onwards)
  • Based on the feedback received, we will continue to add new features and functionalities, whilst improving the accuracy of our Critical Mass algorithm. Our primary aim will be to continually improve the user experience ensuring Dakko becomes an irreplaceable tool in the crypto trading industry.