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Soros' Theory of Reflexivity: The Heart of the Dakko’s Algorithm

As mentioned earlier, the theory of reflexivity, proposed by the legendary financier George Soros, is the root inspiration underpinning the 'Critical Mass' algorithm.
To further illustrate, Soros, who amassed a fortune by applying this theory to his trading strategies, posited that the perceptions of market participants and actual market conditions are intrinsically interconnected. Soros' theory highlights the dynamic relationship between bullish and bearish market phases.
Dakko's 'Critical Mass' algorithm integrates the bullish and bearish market phases into its core mechanisms. Therefore the algorithm is designed to produce results no matter the level of market volatility.
The algorithm delivers a nuanced understanding of market trends by accounting for the feedback loops between market participants' perceptions and market conditions. Traders can use it to track the top profitable traders and even predict future market trends with increased accuracy.
Once a trader is able to know when and how the smart money is moving, they will be able to make informed decisions and anticipate market shifts right before they happen.
Now let's look deeper into how the 'Critical Mass' algorithm works.